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Communication Studies – What’s it good for?

Its the age-old question, “what do you do with a Comm Studies degree?”  So, I decided to provide a page with links to different individuals who have degrees in Comm Studies.  Now, its important to note that Communication Studies encompasses a lot of different majors at different universities.  My focus will be on those majors that fall under the umbrella terms of “Human” communication and “Organizational” communication.  In these, I include interpersonal communication, speech communication, family communication, health communication, business communication, and others I’m sure will come up.  I hope this will encourage some of you “undecided” majors to consider communication and those of you who are already communication majors to broaden your horizons of job choices.  Enjoy!

Human Communication Studies

  • Robert Cox, President of Sierra Club, Professor of Communication Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Will be guest teaching a class titled “Environmental Communication and the Public Sphere,”  which will explore communication styles and public forums U.S. citizens use to discuss environmental controversies at CU-Boulder Summer 07.  From CU-Boulder press release, May 30, 2007:
    • Cox said one of his goals during the seminar would be to empower students, encouraging them to be part of the conversation about environmental issues that will affect them and their children for generations.
      “Too often students feel there is some distant, mysterious force that makes all of these decisions for us,”
      Cox said. “More and more Americans are really wanting to find ways to have a voice in this. It’s a challenge for environmental groups and of governments to find ways to listen to citizens.
      In his class description, Cox argues that the scientific study of nature alone does not result in the protection of natural and human environments. Very often, public awareness grows and solutions arise only through conflict, popular media reports, and after diverse stakeholders are heard during public debate.

Speech Communication

Recent study shows that women feel public speaking skills key to “shattering” glass ceiling!  Findings available at:


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