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June 17, 2012

And, we’re baaaaaaaack!

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So, after some time away (two years to be exact) while I dealt with a two year old, a full time job, traveling for debate on a lot of weekends (with said two year old in tow often) and a traveling debate coach husband who took a job that required him to be out of town three days a week minimum most weeks, I am ready to return.

I have spent some time thinking about this thing we do as speech and debate coaches…the loss of personal time, time with family, time that could be spent on other things for our jobs such as grading, planning, etc., and weekends spent driving and working long hours, eating often unhealthy and sporadic meals and dealing with annoying students 24/7 instead of just the three hours a classroom lends us for that experience.  I have thought about finding a different job or changing the way our team experiences competition or figuring out a way to step aside and do less than I currently do (which arguably is much less than a lot of coaches do).  But, in the end I always come back to the fact that when this job goes right, its awesome!  I get to work with some fantastic students and colleagues.  I get to see students in a totally different light than that of a classroom.  And, I get to see them really grow through their experiences in forensics.  So, I come back to doing this job.

But, I would like to do this job better.  I would like to find ways to help others do this job better.  I feel like in other professions, there is so much support and training and sharing and opportunity for new things, but in ours, we are all so often burnt out and at our institutions our positions as coach are treated like an add-on to our positions as instructor or professor, that we often treat professional development specific to coaching as an add-on.  So, I am starting back to the blogging in the hopes that maybe it can be a place for me to work through ideas that may help support, train, share and build opportunity.  

So, I am going to spend this week cleaning up the sidebar making sure links are functioning, updating websites where they need to be updated, and figuring out where to go from here.  I may also be asking some friends/colleagues to do guest posts here to broaden the discussion from just one of debate to one that includes all of forensics.  And I will be mulling over where I want to go this next season of forensics – one that holds promise for me as a coach, a director and a teacher! 


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