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January 14, 2009

Some interesting info/ideas from Edebate today!

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I’m always excited to see valuable and interesting information coming across edebate instead of snide remarks to others or the ever-present cite request.  Today there was actually more than one piece of information that came across that I thought was worth sharing.  The first was more of an idea than information.  West Georgia is hosting a tournament this weekend and Sarah Holbrook sent out the following request to edebate:

We have 4 novice debaters attending this weekend and we’re trying to
make sure it’s an educational experience for them so we need some
Please email me if you or any of your judges are willing to be a
Novice Mentor – let them watch/flow a debate with you while you judge,
speak with them during and after to help them get the most out of it.
Thanks to the other folks who have already volunteered.

I thought this was an great idea for insuring that new novices (or high schoolers or administrators) visiting a debate tournament for the first time have a good and valuable experience.  I think, too often, we wait until the tournament has started to deal with these things and these people get lost in the chaos and often have poor, or at least uneducational, experiences.  I appreciate the fact that West Georgia thought of these individuals early in the process and are working to find people who are novice-friendly and willing to share their thoughts and ideas and answer questions after debates over the course of the weekend.  I am definitely going to utilize this approach (on a more local level) for our tournament we are hosting in February.  Thanks Sarah for thinking of this early and for working to insure that those new to the activity are getting something out of attending a tournament!

The second piece of information was more of a reminder as I remember seeing this come across edebate a while ago, but often these things get forgotten, so I’m going to try to put a link in the sidebar for those who come to this post later.  Matt Stannard has a forum board (debatecooperative) that he runs where he has been posting forensics jobs as he sees them come out on different lists, etc. and that others can post to when looking for coaches.  The link for the forum specifically for job listings can be found here.

There are the two things that I found worth sharing on edebate today…a good day for edebate I would say!

Hope things are going well in the new year for everyone!


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