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December 13, 2007

Directors of Forensics – Making it all look easy

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I just want to take this opportunity to give a “I’m not worthy” bow down to all the DOFs out there who make it look easy.  It is months like these that make me realize how difficult this job is.  There is so much to do just in managing a team, but the DOF has to function as a Public Relations person, a development officer, a grant writer, and an event planner all at the same time as teaching classes, grading papers and serving on department and university committees.  This all has to be done while working most weekends and don’t forget that most DOFs have homes and families that need to be cared for. 

I’ve definitely made some mistakes this semester.  First off, not putting things like our Speech Night and holiday party on the calendar early enough in the semester.  We had poor attendance at Speech Night because it was during dead week and we didn’t settle on a date until really late in the process.  The performances were great and I’m impressed with my students, but I was disappointed we didn’t have more people there to appreciate their work.

Second, not doing enough PR during the season.  This is a major weakness of mine.  I just have not been in touch with the on-campus PR people enough to get any substantive coverage.  We had a nice article in our campus newspaper The Orion (and thanks to Tuna it made it onto the Global Debate Blog) and we had an article in our COMM newsletter for the Communication majors and alumni, but with our semester we really should have got more press.  It is just one of those things that tends to fall through the cracks for me.

Finally, I realize that I need to balance my time better between debate and IEs.  I also need to have more focused goals and practice with the IEers.  I sometimes think of myself as a “debate coach,” so I’m tempted to stay out of the IE side of things.  But, I realize that I have a lot to offer the IEers as well and I just need to step in and be willing to voice my opinion.  I think I have valuable coaching advice, but I sometimes lay back more with the IEs than I do debate.  I need to step up and actively coach them as well next semester.

So, for those of you who have found a way to do it all and make it look easy – kudos to you.  Enjoy your holiday break because you truly have earned it.  Being a college Director of Forensics is truly one of the hardest jobs in academia, and definitely probably the most underpaid for the amount of work that is required.  I salute you DOFs!


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