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December 5, 2007

End of semester stuff for DOFs…

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Once tournaments end in the fall (usually around early December), it may seem like a time to coast, but resist the temptation!  This is a good time to do a few housekeeping chores that you probably won’t want to deal with (won’t have time to deal with) once you return in the Spring.  Here is a list off the top of my head, but there may be stuff to add – please feel free to in the comments:

1)  Go back and review all costs for the fall semester and see where your budget is sitting.  This is the time to adjust the travel schedule if necessary as students should be notified ahead of time if tournaments are being added or removed from the schedule.  I always try to have about 2/3 of my budget left for the Spring semester.  With the cost of the national tournaments and a little heavier travel in the Spring, that seems about right.  But, you may have a different type of schedule – just try to do some forward planning.

2)  Get trip requests in for any tournaments happening over the break or early in the Spring semester.  Its better to have this stuff done now and our campus literally shuts down over the break for about a week, so there will be no other chance to get requests in for the Swing tournaments and any other early January tournaments.  Do it now!

3)  Make reservations for as many Spring tournaments as possible now.  This does two things – (1) saves you time and effort over the break or upon returning for the Spring and (2) insures that you will have rooms at tournaments that may run out of space due to holiday travel, spring break travel, etc.  Start watching for airfare wars for those national tournaments as well.  If you are lucky enough to already know who is going, buying them now can save you 100s of dollars in ticket costs.  And even if you have to do a name change or two, that may be cheaper (usually $100 a piece) than missing out on a big sale.

4)  Do a end-of-semester “press release” on any stand-out results from the Fall semester and some information about Spring tournaments. 

5)  Do some recruiting.  Get flyers and letters out to all of the public speaking and argumentation classes on your campus.  If you wait until the Spring semester begins, many students already have class conflicts and other obligations.  But, if you can get them hooked in now, you can have them planning their work and school schedules around forensics.  Consider having an “open house” during dead week, when you have some snacks and sodas and allow students from these classes to drop by and talk to students on the team and coaches about what it is like to be on the forensics team. 

Again, this is not an exhaustive list by any means, but hopefully it will spur some thought on what you can be doing during this tournament downtime!

Enjoy these last few weeks of the semester without tournaments on the weekends (hopefully)!


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