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September 17, 2007

Happy National Constitution Day!

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Today is National Constitution Day.  As educators of advocacy and civic engagement, today offers us a reason to celebrate and to remind our students of the importance in being able to vocalize the importance of the principles protected in this document, as well as being willing and able to take advantage of the opportunities this document affords us.  CSU Chico’s free speech area includes a large scale constitution that students can either sign or “refuse to sign” (I’m not sure if this goes along with providing a reason why or not…) the document. 

Although this holiday is something that comes around every year, and often slides by without notice, recent events in our nation make it something I want to highlight more.  It seems to me that the Constitution was certainly a flawed document on many levels, but the interpretation of that document over the years as well as the balancing of rights that find their foundation in that document makes it an important thing to know, understand, challenge and continue to keep in the forefront of our minds, our educations and our advocacies.  In teaching a Mass Media Law class over the past couple of years, it has come to my attention that many do not realize the POWER this document can either be interpreted to give to us, the citizens OR to the government.  And looking at things like the Patriot Act, the Wiretapping scandal, the recent problems with the Attorney General, it seems to me we can’t afford to be uneducated (or even undereducated) on these issues or the foundation for questioning these items. 

So, if you have a chance today, talk to students, peers, friends and/or family about the Constitution.  Visit the official Constitution Day website and see if you can learn something new about this document!  If you teach, visit The Constitution Center for lesson plans for all ages.  If you are a student, you can visit their Student Pages for videos, articles, etc.  Learn something new and share the information with others!

Have a great Constititution Day!


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