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September 15, 2007

Debate Collectives – West Coast Style

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Well, I’ve still been unable to get on a “blogging schedule”.  But, hopefully this week, my life will settle down and my schedule will become somewhat more “regular”.  I did want to write a post about a great experience for me and my students last week.  Diablo Valley College (Becky Opsata, Director and Libby Simas, Assistant Coach) ran a wonderful weekend debate workshop for both policy and parli debate at their school.  The Northern California Forensics Association supported their efforts by offering to pay for local housing for participants and the cost was a very low $10, which covered lunch and dinner on Saturday.  They also planned a bowling night for all participants and it was GREAT fun!  I took seven students, six novices and one experienced debater and they all had a great time and also felt like they learned an emmense amount during the weekend.  They’re fired up and ready to compete!  The experienced debater was able to help out with “break-out” sessions during Saturday and help judge some practice rounds on Sunday. 

 I see on the PSCFA list-serv that Cal Baptist University is hosting a similar workshop for LD debate on Friday, October 12 – with a one-day tournament on Saturday, October 13.  I only hope that they will have as good and valuable of a time as we did.  I encourage everyone to take advantage of these opportunities.  Its a great way to not only learn some things, but create a local community of debaters, coaches and graduate students. 

 The people who did some of the lectures at DVC sent me their powerpoints to post on this blog so you can use them at your own schools, for your own workshops, etc.  And there are some other lectures posted on the Arizona Debate Institute website, including a wonderful topic lecture by Dr. Dave Hingstman that I have used multiple times already this year.  I am attaching the powerpoints as separate files. 

I look forward to hearing about Cal Baptist’s LD workshop in October.

Introduction to Debate 

Basic Counterplans and Disadvantages

Basic Critique Lecture


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