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May 25, 2007

New travel tool: Yapta

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I just read a post on Mymoneyblog that I thought speech and debate coaches who are working with tight budgets (and that seems to be true of most programs) could use to save some money.  The program is called Yapta, and its in a beta stage, but seems to be up and running relatively efficiently.  The program not only does what Travelocity or Orbitz will do, which is track prices on flights from one place to another, but it will track the prices on a SPECIFIC flight – so, you can pick your favorite carrier, your best possible flight time and track the prices on that flight. 

The other thing you can do, which is something that even after all these years of extensive travel I had no idea of, is purchase a ticket from the carrier and then get a refund if the price drops before you travel.  I guess that some carriers will provide you with a refund in the form of a voucher for the difference when a price drops on a flight you have already purchased.  Mymoneyblog indicates that Alaska, America West, American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, Southwest, and US Airways provide this service.

This changes tournament travel planning.  The fear of purchasing tickets in advance and then finding out that the prices drop by large amounts afterwards was always something that made me put off buying tickets on any airlines other than Southwest (which obviously is a great carrier for speech and debate coaches – and the name change thing is still a hassle at alot of other carriers, where the ticket only gets refunded in THAT person’s name).  This may make me more likely to buy tickets on other carriers in advance without that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I’m making a huge financial mistake and certainly helps out in traveling to those airports to which Southwest doesn’t travel.

I have signed up for a test flight tracking to see how it works – I will try to remember to let you all know how it goes!


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