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May 15, 2007

Tool for speed reading…

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Those pesky speed drills – no debaters WANTS to do them and you always wonder, am I really getting any faster from doing these things?  Well, here is a webpage that allows you to check out just how fast you’re able to read (words per minute) – Its a little weird because it only shows you one word at a time, but I just talked to my husband and he has done it and got up to 400 wpm.  How fast can you go?  It makes that time alone doing speed drills a little more competitive! 

In the interest of making sure everyone knows I appreciate clarity more than speed (fast and garbled does you no good), make sure you do some SPEAKING drills along with reading fast.  For a list of speaking drills designed for debate, you can check out: and

These are not comprehensive lists, but will give you some things to try (or tell your students to try).  Speaking drills should be done on a daily basis – it is like the weight training that athletes do – it isn’t what you compete in, but it makes you so much better at what you compete in!  Get training!  Summer is the perfect time to begin this – no tournament pressures, no classes to trade off with, and no reason not to! 


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